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How It Works

Great tactics change frequently but Great Strategies Do Not. We Focus On Creating A Strategy That Will Stand The Test Of Time For Your Business.

Crafting Your Offer

We work with you to develop your offer and messaging in one sentence to create complete clarity.

Scale Test

We use the scale test to validate your offer is going to work in the market before you create it.

Maximum Focus

Through maximum focus we apply our rapid growth system to skyrocket your sales and revenue.

How Can We Help You?

Our Story

The building can only be as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in business today, tomorrow, in the future, and stand any storm that come its way.

When it comes to selling an online products you need to have the foundations in place, clarity in your offer, traffic and systems ready to go. So no matter where you are in your journey we can help you ensure you are on the right track for RESULTS. 

Register now for our free training where we show you the 5 Steps to Launching and Scaling ANY Digital Product, Online Course, Coaching Program or Mastermind. These are the same steps we have used to generate over £2 million sales in online courses, coaching programs and masterminds. 


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Stas Prokofiev

Stas has gone from working in a car park next to Heathrow airport to successfully launching several highly profitable online businesses with sales of over £2 million. He has spoken on stages all around the world and has also been a key factor in helping hundreds of others launch and scale their own profitable digital product business.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses in most industries from multi-million pound companies to start up entrepreneurs his passion and determination to get results combined with his experience make him one of the leading coaches and mentors in the digital world.  

If you are looking to grow a highly profitable online business and want a proven blueprint (without any trial and error) that gets RESULTS FAST, then you can duplicate his path and successfully turn your knowledge into a profitable online business.

Who We Help

We help entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, consultants, course creators, and agencies charge more, sell more and become more…


Do you sell or want to sell online courses, masterminds, or events? We work with our clients to implement the same approach and blueprint we used to sell over 7-figures in online courses and digital products.


Are you a coach? Selling 1:1 coaching? Want to scale into a scalable model where you no longer trade your time for money? We have used our system to build a 6 figure a month online coaching program.


Do you offer consulting? We show our clients how to increase their prices, charge their worth and attract PREMIUM High Value Clients.

Service Providers

Do you offer a “Done for You” service like marketing, tax advice, web development or other professional services?  We work with you to productise your model.

Have a Question?

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I'm new here, where shall I start?

Best place to start would be to watch our free training HERE. I dive into the model I’ve used to generate over £2 Million with our coaching and consulting business.  The training will give you a clear idea if our methods are a good fit for what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you have any coaching programs?

Digital Business Coaching is our main coaching program where we help people build highly profitable digital product businesses.

This means consulting, coaching, online courses, masterminds and high ticket selling. The program is by application only, to see if we’re a good fit to help you, click here to apply.

What is a digital product business?

A digital product is any product you can sell online that doesn’t have physical form. This typically includes but is not limited to online courses, consulting, coaching programs, masterminds and software. 

who can create digital products?

Absolutely anyone can create a digital product using their knowledge, advice and expertise. As well as monetising your knowlegde, you can also monetise and leverage other peoples knowledge and package this up into a high ticket program. Knowledge is power regardless of who created it!

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